No one is more sceptical than me when dieting is concerned, I was talked into this programme and it has changed my life, 16 kgs and counting gone forever , it was much easier than I ever expected and the results are amazing, I feel young clean and alive, prob put many years on my.


Landi has been trying for a baby unsuccessfully for ten years… After doing our program, losing her weight and balancing her hormones baby is now here! Little Tyson!


I started this program in October 2012 and my life changed with it. I lost 17kg in 40 days – and it has stayed off! I no longer cried, I no longer had nanny naps, my arthritis didn’t hurt any more, my gut became smaller and I could fit into those pretty shirts I often.


Jen is a firefighter who lost 27 kilos in forty days. The difference for her was that she had never been under 100 kilo in thirty years. Her body ached and was tired. She suddenly had energy, a life, her knees didn’t ache and she was able to shop for things that she had never.